Revive a FTB Suspended California LLC Fast

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If your California LLC is suspended, it’s illegal for your business to operate in any capacity until it’s reinstated. This can be laborious and time-consuming.

My experienced team can help you get your California LLC reinstated – fast. Within 7 business days on average.

We work closely with an expert state attorney and contact the relevant tax departments and state offices on behalf of your LLC. Within 1 business day, we’ll know what the next steps need to be.

I’ll prepare the required tax returns and necessary documents, ready for your signing within 3 business days, will the attorney efficiently handles the legal requirements.

What Does It Mean To Be “FTB Suspended?”

FTB Suspension affects a company's ability to function legally and arises from failing to comply with certain state tax obligations. Understanding the reasons behind such suspensions, their implications, and the steps necessary for reinstatement is critical for maintaining a business’s legal standing.

An FTB suspension poses serious challenges but can often be resolved by addressing the underlying financial and regulatory issues. It is crucial for businesses to understand their tax obligations and remain compliant with state laws to avoid suspension. Consulting with legal and financial experts specialized in California tax law can provide valuable guidance through the revival process and help maintain the business’s good standing.

 How Did your California LLC Get Suspended? 

Every California LLC must file an annual tax return, or pay a minimum of $800 to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB), whether the LLC is active or not.

Failure to file within the required timeline can lead to interest and penalties up to $700, which can ultimately result in your LLC’s suspension by either the California Secretary of State or the FTB.

The FTB also issues delinquent penalties. They can be 5% per month but cap out at 25% per month, on top of interest charges, which will be incurred from the original due date.

The Franchise Tax Board may also issue an additional penalty of up to $2,000 if your LLC fails to comply or provide requested information by a certain time.

Why A Suspension Matters to Your Business

A suspended entity can’t legally operate in any capacity. That means no bank account transactions, health insurance renewals, no new loans, transfers or sales of assets, escrow closings, etc. No business transactions of any kind.

A bigger implication is that your suspended California LLC has no legal standing – your California LLC cannot sue, defend or initiate any court action until its reinstated. So that means no lawsuit filings or even responding to litigation in process.

You also lose the right to protect or keep the name of your LLC. While it’s suspended, anyone can come along and take it. 

How to Reinstate Your California Suspended LLC – FAST

Within 1 business day for the flat fee of $500, we can quickly find out exactly what action is needed and how much it will cost to get your suspended entity fully revived. 

However, if your suspended LLC is classified “C” or you’re in collections, this will have to be done twice. The FTB will not be able to determine the interest charges and penalties until it can determine your net profit.

Once this is done, I can complete your tax return preparations which will be based on a flat fee depending on the number required.

Two Problems In Reviving a Suspended California LLC

  1. Someone else is now using your LLC’s name While your California LLC is in suspension, any individual or entity is well within their rights to take the name of your LLC.
  2. The time and effort it takes for a full suspended LLC reviver Working closely with our expert attorney, we can get your entity re-activated within 3 to 5 business days – on average.

The Total Costs in Reactivating a Suspended LLC

While we can typically determine what’s needed to reinstate your suspended entity and prepare the required paperwork within 2 business days for just $500, a full reviver varies in cost.

The full cost of a reviver depends on the number of tax returns required. Typically starts at $250 per state tax return and an additional $2,500-$5,000 to have the suspended entity fully revived. This usually takes an additional 1 to 3 full business days.

For more information on how to revive your suspended California entity, please feel free to call me on 323-952-7002, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..